Monday, June 18, 2012

see you at the cross road

Horley, Surrey.

come what may.

Being able to focus in the midst of stress is a challenging task.  However, if you are able to tell your mind to stay focus, your mind would somehow adhere to your 'command'. Whenever I am under stress, especially when exams are just around the corner, I would take a deep breath (cliche but it actually works!) and tell myself that everything will be okay/i can do it/its okay, its alright. I would say it out loud. I may sound like a crazy person but the truth is I am not! haha. It's like meditation; so simple yet it works big time.  You have to control your mind to stay calm and take a deep breath as if you are  inhaling positive vibes. 

Exam is in three weeks and I am not going to deny that I am not under stress but come what may. Bar exam is like a nightmare to the postgraduates. However,this is the stage where I should put my mind at ease and not to break down. come what may.