Sunday, February 22, 2009

I wana go to the beach.

Its 0136 am. I am sick of reading Vandervell`s stupid tactic on how to avoid paying ad valorem tax. I think he is the culprit behind my (and the law of trusts students) high level of stress.

I am gonna have a night out with my 2 favourite lecturers and a close friend of mine. I cant wait. I need an entertainment. I had a dull and innefficient weekend. I hate weekends. Too much of trusts. Too much dwelling on Vandervells problem on his beneficial interests. Bloody idiot that fella.

I miss home. I miss my family. I miss my parents. I miss my 2 sisters. I miss my cat. I miss my room. I miss my bed. I miss homecook food.I miss my KK friends.

I have to bear with fast food, pollution, stress, messy room with papers and books around, coffee and biscuits since im broke, public transportations, sleeping late, having meaningful conversations with myself, being single and lonely etc etc.


Lady Writer said...

Hey...where are you now anyway? missed me! :D Always good to know, had moments where I thought that I was just being annoying...


*big hug*

Feequa said...

yea i missed u!=D ure MIA. haha. Im in Malaysia sweetheart. hw bout u? this is too funny. It seems like we know each othr so well, commenting on each others blog but we actually do not know each other.=P

Lady Writer said...

ROFL - yes I know you're in Malaysia...but you make it sound like you've moved? Or do you not stay at "Home" for uni? I'm so confused.... :S I'm also contemplating dying my hair blond as a result of this little conversation ;)

I live in Botswana...think Southern Africa, next to South Africa...ya can't miss it! :P

Feequa said...

you're hillarious.:D im studying at the west malaysia and my hometown is at the east. Its only 2 hours flight my dear from west but who cares. I haven't seen my famil for 4 months and ive gone nuts already.haha. You should visit sabah.:)