Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Blardy exam!

Pimples are everywhere on my forehead. I cannot stop from touching my face, scalp and hair while reading. (such a bad habit. gonna get bald by the time I graduate)

And I have been eating like a pig. I dig the fridge when i am under pressure.
I cannot study without star bucks caramel hot chocolate and latte. And chocolates.and junk food.

Now my money all gone. Supposed to save money for facial and massage after exams.=(

I gain 5 kg . wtf.

Byebye. Back to books.

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Lady Writer said...

You too?

*sigh* Oh, sister in Law, I suffer your pain. Though, my exams are not really overtly cause for concern, there is the issue that the uni is moving my exams around without official confirmation. The amount of impending doomesque stress!

Though, I WOULD like to steal some of your caramel hot chocolate and latte...we don't have Starbucks! :'(

APPARENTLY - Bio oil does WONDERS as a facial product. Steam face, and use bio oil to work out the whiteheads...*sigh* personally, I stick to bio for day to day use, it doesn't get rid of pimples, but it does keep the patches which ARE still safe, staying safe!

Best of luck cherie! Post soon!