Sunday, August 2, 2009


U know you can count on your friends when they are wiling to drive to an isolated place with one motive : to kidnap you and bring you to the "jungle" to have ice cream.:)

Thanks. Love you guys. I was in the midst of some mind boggling task,ie translation (pfft) and they called telling me that they are on the way to my house. It really made my day since I was imprisoned at home since Friday with the translation. But yeah, thank you.:)


alexandra chin said...
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alexandra chin said...

love you too!! and no problem bah.. hehehe.. anything for friendss!! and yes, let us make another trip together.. i need it too! :) dont stress yourself out too much..

BrokenSatellite said...

alex was like a tour guide.

she'll go like this

"after this..there's a bump. here goes... okay... now..theres another bump over there"


thx alex..

and that was the randomest kidnap!

"the jungle"