Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are you willing to go all out for the man you love, if he is sincerely in love with you, regardless his status?

I guess it depends. but I would have to consider the repercussions and pros altogether and not to be blinded by love solely. cos love is just a fiction and in my point of view, assumption. fiction would crystallize into fact once you are sure,very sure that you are willing to go all out for the man you love regardless his so-called status. This is too technical I know but sometimes you have to be technical in order to be realistic. If you follow your heart solely, then you would go for him without taking into considerations pros and cons and in the end of the day, this so-called status that you ignore gonna bog you down.terribly.

If you are able to consider and therefore accept the consequences for being with a man you love regardless his so-called status, in other words, being realistic, hence by all means, go for it. but consideration should not be done overnight. Realistically speaking and speaking through my experience, love is not blind and do not let yourself be blinded by love.

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Lady Writer said...

Do you realise that you're increasingly writing like someone with legal training?