Monday, April 21, 2008

oh my..

The burger stall across the road sells the yummiest burger and hot dog on earth.

I could not concentrate on whatsoever craps written in the textbook cos yummy pictures of burger kept on disturbing me.

mistake as to *burger* quality must *hotdog* fundamental *cheese.. to avoid a *burger special with cheese * contract.

ahhhh dammit.

Instead of indulging my mind with images of yummy burgers, why don't I have the real burger?! The REAL one, not just imagination okay to feed my hungry stomach. Without debating whether I should have it or not, I texted Nam U and dragged him to go with me. hehe.

I had hot dog with eggs and cheese and I was crying (not literally of course) with happiness and joy of some such.

newayssss...Thanx Nam Yew! :)



1 comment:

Jay Ismail said...

lemme give u a suggestion...try and download a game called ' burger shop'..its the best...*grin*

i can mail it to u if u want..:P