Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another blessing.

I've started my belly dance class again after a year delay. yay! *jumps ups and down*

I crossed out wall basic climbing course from my to-do list and gonna postpone my climbing class next year, which is after my December break.

My first full dance is Ojos Asi by Shakira. I miss shimmying.
I'm smiling rite now, I am.

My first class was on Thursday and I was surprised I could still pick up those steps after quite some time.  I made a conclusion that I am more focused when I dance than to sit in land law class.ha ha].

I love belly dancing. and oh, I just bought a scarf for bellydance with small little coins attached on the scarf which costs me RM45.

I'm a happy person and I demand everyone to hunt for your happy moments. :D

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